Thursday, 31 May 2018

Interschool Cross Country 2018
Wednesday 6th June (Postponement date Friday 9th June) Greenmeadows Sports Ground, Stoke (Students will walk to event) Students will be leaving school at 12.05pm Races start at 12.45pm with briefing at 12.30pm
Children will have an early lunch so please do not order lunch for that day
Shoes must be worn. Children without shoes will not be allowed to race. No spikes allowed.
Children need to wear school tee-shirts and navy shorts. They may put on track pants but should run in shorts. Bring a sweatshirt and drink bottle.
It would be beneficial if students did some practice runs over the 2km distance prior to the race. 9, 10 & 11 year olds need to be able to run a 2km course. 8 year olds will be running a 1km course.
Assistance with supervision and marshalling would be appreciated. If you can help please indicate on the permission slip below and return to school.
Map of venue - See the display cabinet outside room 6
Order of Events
Event 1 8 years and under Boys 1km - 1 lap of course
Event 2 8 years and under Girls 1km - 1 lap of course
Event 3 9 years and under Boys 2km - 2 laps of course
Event 4 9 years and under Girls 2km - 2 laps of course
Event 5 10 years and under Boys 2km - 2 laps of course
Event 6 10 years and under Girls 2km - 2 laps of course
Event 7 11 years and under Boys 2km - 2 laps of course
Event 8 11 years and under Girls 2km - 2 laps of course

1. All students run in shoes . No spikes or sprigs please, this keeps things fair for all and ensures that on occasions where there are collisions that we have managed the safety of the runners as best we can. Running barefoot is not appropriate on this course.
a. Starter blocks will be used to start each race.
b. The first 6 runners will receive a place number and are to take this to the recording desk
c. All other runners will get their place written on their hand
d. Please remember: you cannot overtake another runner past the finishing line once in the finishing chute.
2. Each race will be called over the hailer and these runners will need to go to the marshalling area.
3. Toilets are located at the top end of Isel Park. Your teachers are responsible for letting you go and ensuring you return.
4. Students must stay in the spectators area when not running.
5. Parents may watch from the top of the hill or may go onto the course for a vantage point.
Please cross well behind the marshalling area and do not go on to the track.
6. No parents or spectators are to enter the finish area or approach the recording desks.
7. No spectators are to cross the track at any stage
8. Please ensure students are well behaved and take care of their own personal belongings and rubbish.
9. Once events are completed we ask that all competitors assemble back in this area.
10. We wish everyone the very best in their events.
There will be a meeting for marshalls at approximately 12:30pm on the day
The first event will take place at 12:45pm.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Congratulations !

Well done to the Nayland Skuxinators who won the Interschool Rippa Tournament on Friday.

Also the Rippers had a great tournament improving every game and winning their final game in style.

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Nayland Primary School 
Cross Country - Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Nayland College Back Field

Races start at 11.30 with the 5 year old's followed by the 6 years old's and so on. 

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Parents/spectators - Please stay in the area on the streamside bank and keep clear of the recording area, finishing shoot and running track.